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Why, hello there! It seems you have come to my page! My name is FoxChimer42 (it was supposed to be FoxChimera42, but the "A" key failed -_-) WELCOME! You may know me as Becksbuddy from DisneyCreate! Feel free to look around and please comment and favorite some of my stuff!

Point Comissions Open by BansheeDiTrieste
Cynthia Wood by FoxChimer42 Busts: 30 points
A New Haircut by FoxChimer42 Waist shot: 50 points
Elsie (Shaded) by FoxChimer42 Ankle/Full body shot: 70 points
Mad Hatter (Art Trade with PikaPika) by FoxChimer42 Sketchy Sonic Character: 30 points Full Color Sonic Character: 50 points
Adoptable Chibis 3 (OPEN) by FoxChimer42 Custom Adoptable: 10 points
The Little Witch by FoxChimer42 Traditional Art Bust: 500 points (It would be just the digital because I have no way to ship. Yes they are expensive because they take forever)

My Real Life friends:

My dA Family! Feel free to ask if you want to join!

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:iconla-skittlez: my typical lazy wizard sister that is being a liar
:iconal11-scarlettt: my pet panda that loves to sing
:icon06shywolf: my pet rock named Bob
:iconcosmo-creations: my sugar-high cousin that is in love with anime
:iconjendrockstar2345: my overly excited sister that never sleeps and is crazy for sports
:iconxxnobu-kunxx: my epic ninja sister who turns tiny, sits on my head and forces me to watch a bunch of animes
:iconturtumy: my one inch tall cousin who lives under my bed and eats goldfish all the time
:iconyoitsclaire: my magical pet turtle that barfs up glittering rainbows and wears bunny ears
:iconsoulsearchergirl: my obsessive pet-vet that looks after my singing sparkeling animals when I go to visit my long lost second removed aunt in Cuba
:icondcplasticshoes: the tea-loving young master
:iconiluvmanichedgehog: my third cousin that lives in the himalayas and searches for the magical old timey bathingsuit
:iconjulesthehedgehog88: That Crazy,insane Cousin That Eats Toenails
:iconpewdiegirl23: my crazy godmother who raises purple sparkley cows
:iconallyxabby: my bratty sister who eats pigs and dresses like a mermaid everyday
:iconmk-nb: my pet cat named Pedro
:iconthe--enchantress: my insane sister who cosplays as Roy Mustang and runs a farm of orange sheep and elderberry bushes.
:iconrockycandy: my Half Bubbles half lion Fox who only talks for Shakeria
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:iconyellowfang98: My sexy side kick
:iconinvaderzelena: My third cousin removed who is a vampire... From England... That is married to Zayn Malik and Wesley Stromberg secretly... Who is Adam Lambert's half unicorn sister... Whose face can be best described as 'xD'... Who explodes glitter whenever she eats pie...
:iconcraftyemm: my purplish pink panda who eats popcorn under your bed
:iconmarine598: my magical couch who transports you into your favorite animes while spraying frozen yogurt at strangers

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Hey everybody! Sorry for the inactivity :( School got really crazy, but its done for summer now so hopefully I'll be able to upload a lot more stuff!!! One of the things I really want to work on is a comic!!!! But I have so many ideas I can't decide :( I figured asking you guys which idea you liked would be a good way to get conversations started and ideas flowing! So here are the story ideas I have to far (I haven't thought of titles yet, and a lot of these are works in progress, meaning the characters aren't really fully developed, just ideas)(Also I'm not great with synopses, so bear with me):
    1) (This one is probably my favorite) I got the idea of doing a fantasy story (with elves and vampires and such) but setting it in the future, so magic and futuristic technology exist side by side. I think it would be a neat concept to explore! It would mainly take place in the capital city of a country called Elbor, a few years after the evil queen Levira was overthrown, and the new king took the throne. However, the queen's evil forces still threaten to cause trouble in the city, so King Jasper creates a special task force called the Royal Guard to protect the royal family and the city.
        -Main characters: 
            Ezmen Winters: Captain of one of the Royal Guard's teams. Ezmen is tough and no nonsense. While he is extremely good at his job, his people skills are very lacking, and he comes off as grouchy and unapproachable. He fought in the revolution alongside Jasper, and takes his job of protecting the King and the people of the city very seriously. Ezmen is a Varian, a sort of human/bird hybrid species
            James Mayken: Ezmen's second in command. He's much more relaxed than his boss, and is usually the one who brings more of the "heart" into the operation (I can't think of the right word right now....). Mayken is a wood-elf
            Sam ???: (I haven't picked her last name yet) Of equal rank to Mayken, Sam is the "happy medium" of the team. While not as happy go lucky as Mayken, she's not as severe as Ezmen. She's like a sister/mother figure to the boys and they often go to her for advice (Mostly personal, sometimes professional). She's either going to be a faun or some kind of elf/fairy
            Jasper Locke: King of Elbor! Jasper was once a high ranking officer in Queen Levira's army, but when he found out more about the atrocities she was committing, he formed a secret rebel group. Eventually when they were strong enough, they managed to overthrow the Queen and take back the kingdom, freeing the people. Jasper is a fair and just King, and truly wants what is best for his people. He has a tendency to sneak away to be out amongst his people (Much to Ezmen's annoyance). Jasper is a vampire.
            Cassandra Locke: Queen of Elbor (Jasper's wife)! Cassandra also fought in the revolution (where she met Jasper). She is considered one of the most beautiful women in all of Elbor. However, she is tougher than your average queen, and is proficient with a bow and excellent with a sword. Cassandra is also a vampire.

    2) (This could be a crossover with #1, taking place on the same world but in different countries) The story centers around sky-ship captain Ramona black, a notorious sky pirate. when she and he crew decide to rob the wealthy business man Faust Grayson, they find themselves pulled into his plot to bring down the the ?????? (name not yet decided) a criminal organization secretly controlling the country and attempting to strip the people of their free will. 
        -Main characters:
            Ramona Black: Captain of the Tiger, a pirate sky-ship. She's spunky and ambitious, and one of the most feared pirates in the realms. If she wants something, she takes it, and isn't overly concerned with morality or rules. 
            William "Wolf" Grayson: Faust Grayson's younger brother, Wolf was put on the Tiger to make sure Ramona would follow their deal and help the plan. A man of few words, Wolf is more of a silent observer. He is well trained in martial arts and hand-to-hand combat, and helps out the crew when they get into fights
            Fa Li Na: The pilot of the Tiger. Li Na is Ramona's closest friend. She's the voice of reason on the ship, and talks Ramona out of her crazy ideas. She is and extremely skilled pilot, having learned to fly from her father when she was very young.
            Faust Grayson: Faust took control of his father's company (and the wealth that came with it), after his father died. He soon learned of the system of corrupt politicians and business men who controlled the country, and vowed that he would stop them from carrying out their plan to control the people. Faust is charismatic and a natural born speaker, which greatly helps him find allies and supporters.
            Mandy Frederick: daughter of the ship's doctor, at 14 Mandy is the youngest member of the crew. A mechanical whiz, she fixes anything and everything broken or malfunctioning on the ship.

    3) (This one is separate from the other two, and would be more of a comedy with shorter story lines) After teen robotics genius and gadget maker Sydney Morris's latest creation (a robot to do housework), goes haywire and destroys half the city, she is contacted by a secret government agency, and recruited to work for the "Tech Lab" a research branch that develops new gadgets for superheros. There she meets an eccentric cast of scientists, and has crazy adventures.
            -Main characters:
                Sydney Morris: 16 year old Sydney is a genius with anything technological (robots especially). She's got a pretty big ego, and is full of sarcastic one-liners. While she didn't have many friends at her high school, she fits right in with the misfits at the Tech Lab
                Yuri Vasilikov: head of the weapons department. Dr.Vasilikov is incredibly laid back, so much so it annoys the other scientists. However, with the highest IQ in the building, they have to keep him around. He and Sydney quickly become friends. Yuri enjoys Jazz, soup, and anything that goes boom!
                Sasha Summers: overall head of the labs. No nonsense and kind of mean. Frequently yells at everyone to get back to work.
                Alan MacDuncan: head of applied physics. Dr. MacDuncan is paranoid that someone is trying to steal his research, and sets booby traps around his office
                Beatrice Hope: head of bio-engineering. Beatrice is sweet and caring, and has all of the common sense in the group

4)(This one is also fantasy and could be a prequel to the first 2 maybe?) Takes place in a medieval fantasy kingdom. The King is murdered, and it is up to his children (The princes and princesses) To figure out who did it. So it's basically a murder mystery, there's probably going to be some big underlying plot to destroy the country (I have more of the characters than the story for this one...)
            -Main characters:
                Prince/King Jareth: Eldest son of King Ferold (24 years old). Jareth believes in truth and justice, and tries his best to live by a code of morality. However, he is far from perfect, as his own "purity" leads him to be rather naive when it comes to dealing with less than trustworthy people. Jareth is a knight
                Prince Marras: Second child (23 years old). Marras is highly intelligent and observant. He tends to live in the shadows, and only talks when he has something important to say. Because he does more observing than participating, he can be very judgmental. He is also extremely skilled in magic
                Princess Iris: Third child (20 years old). Iris is a tomboy, and one of the few girls to have trained in the Knight's Academy. She is tough, and a great fighter. While she excels in battle strategy, she knows little about being "ladylike" much to her mother's dismay.
                Prince Thane: Fourth child (17 years old). Thane is known throughout the kingdom for being loud, obnoxious, and quite the party-er. He finds learning boring, and never attends any of his lessons. His is in training to be a knight.
                Princess Adelaide: Fifth child (15 years old). Adelaide is timid and shy. She has magic, but is not able to control it very well. She is afraid of her powers and mostly keeping to her room. The only person she talks to is Marras, who is trying to teach her to control her powers.
                Princess Mirabelle: Sixth child (14 years old). Mirabelle is talkative and enthusiastic. She is much more girly than her sister, and loves the high society life of a princess. However, she also loves animals, and is one of the best falconers in the kingdom.
                Prince Norwyn: Seventh child (13 years old). Norwyn is very studious, and loves books. He can usually be found in the library reading. He and Mirabelle are very close, and he likes to tell her whatever he is reading about

5) (This one is the newest one, so there isn't too much yet... Could possibly overlap with #3?) Years ago, the government was secretly had a secret program to genetically engineer super soldiers, giving them unique powers far beyond those of a normal human. However, the program was cancelled, and they were ordered to "dispose of" the test subjects. However, a few of them escaped, and hid all over the world. But now, the world is being threatened by an evil group of super villains, and they must come together to stop them.
            -Main Characters:
                (I don't really have much in the way of characters for this one so bear with me)
                Alice- the one who brought them all together. Alice is a shape-shifter. A natural born leader, she is able to rally the others to come out of hiding and save the world. She has been living on the road since their escape, and has travelled around the world.
                Zoey Williams- A young runaway taken in as almost a little sister by Alice. She's kind of a nerd, and is the one who came up with the idea that they should form a "super hero team"
                Caleb- Caleb is telekinetic. He's sarcastic, and tries not to take anything too seriously. He has been living in the Bahamas
                Kelly- Kelly can turn invisible. She is smart and cunning, and has been working as a con artist in Los Vegas
                Zack- Zack is super strong. He is tough, but has a bit of an anger management problem. He has been living in a cabin in Siberia.

So what do you guys think??????? Which one do you like best? Which characters do you want to know more about? I tried to keep these as brief as possible while still giving enough information that you know their personality. Please please PLEASE give your feedback and constructive criticism!!! I'd love to talk to someone about this!!!!!!

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